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3rd-Party Documentation

Some third party documentation, that will compliment the MobileUI docs.

The following links take you to documentation that might be useful for your work with MobileUI.

To learn more about the capabilities of MVEL, the expression language used in MobileUI's data binding and templating engines goto the

MVEL Expression Language Reference

As you're using Android's programming languages Java or Kotlin, you have full access to Android's native functionality. Read more about it here:

Android Developer Documentation

When extending your iOS app with native code, you oftentimes need to consult the original iOS documentation from Apple. Find all SDK infos in Swift and Objective-C here. Most of the time, you can easily transfer code examples to RoboVM's Java bindings.

Apple Developer Documentation

For iOS, we rely on RoboVM, which has some documentation at the following places:

RoboVM Wiki on Github
RoboVM Gradle Plugin Readme
RoboVM Reference (partly outdated)

For further dependency injection related features that come with MobileUI Inject PURPLE, you can refer to:

Micronaut's Inversion of Control Documentation