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The MobileUI Framework

Learn more about the MobileUI Framework for cross-platform app development with Kotlin™ and Java®.

NeverNull® MobileUI is the first Java framework for the development of cross platform mobile apps with native user interfaces. MobileUI uses a variant of Android's layout system to let developers create adaptive and fast user interfaces for Android™ and iOS®.

Latest Version: 0.5.3

Android emulator with MobileUI app iOS simulator with MobileUI app

The Components of the MobileUI Framework

To get started, you may have a look at the components that let you build great cross-platform apps:

MobileUI Layouts - Learn how to create cross-platform user interfaces with XML and CSS.

MobileUI with Java and Kotlin - Learn how MobileUI lets you work with a single codebase.

MobileUI Tool Suite - Learn to build cross-platform apps with pace from within a single IDE.

New to MobileUI?

We have assembled a short tutorial for you.

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