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0.2 Installation on Windows

Set up your MobileUI development environment on Windows.


To work with MobileUI on Windows, your system should match the System Requirements for Android Studio.

Note: On Windows, you can only build the Android app from a MobileUI cross-platform project.

Get the MobileUI Plugin

Please go to the MobileUI Download Page, login or sign up if requested, and download the following file:

  • or

Install Android Studio

  • 1

    Download Android Studio

    We recommend using version 4.0 or 4.1.

  • 2

    Start Android Studio and follow the installation guidelines.

  • 3

    Please make sure, that you have the Anroid SDK 29 installed.

    You can check and download it via the SDK manager.

  • 4

    In Android Studio, install the downloaded plugin from your disk* or

    *Guide: How to install plugins from disk

  • Congratulations, you're ready to go!

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